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Embrace the Magic of Happy Hour at Sushi & Tapas

Embrace the Magic of Happy Hour at Sushi & Tapas

Happy Hour is not just a time, but an essential ingredient for a life well-lived. And we’ve got a little secret that’s bound to make your social life sparkle. A place where laughter flows as freely as the (AMAZING) drinks, where delectable sushi and mouthwatering tapas are the stars of the show, and where good times with friends old and new are the name of the game. It’s Happy Hour, redefined and elevated at our charming hotspot.

Our busy social lives are made up of complex gatherings and interactions, but the most essential of them all is made up of two short words that spell the end of the work day: happy hour! Debating why happy hour is essential for your social life is often difficult; unfortunately it can be costly and sometimes dramatic. But beyond that, if you take a moment to really consider why happy hour is essential, it is more than obvious that this popular phenomenon, which was once a Wall Street fad, is something every lady needs to participate in as often as possible.


One of the main reasons why so many coworkers go out as often as they do for happy hour is because happy hour provides a safe environment to discuss anything, from nuclear war to PTA bake sale recipes. Clearly the best place to talk about anything at all is while sipping a delicious cocktail and mingling with people you work with all day… but at work, you only get to talk to about boring professional things. Happy hour is essential because it’s your time to just socialize and relax for once!


I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been to where the bridal party informed me that the guests of honor met while “out with their friends at a bar.” And later on, I find out the real deal and secret behind this magical night out that led to an engagement: they met at happy hour at their favorite bar! Happy hour is essential for your social life because it puts you in the best possible circumstance to meet someone you could be compatible with merely because of how fun and comfortable the environment always is. And after all, there is never a downside to 50% off all tropical mix cocktails!


As most socially active people know, going out on the town regularly can get pretty expensive. One great way to avoid this but still keep an active social calendar is to go to happy hour as often as possible. Happy hour is the best time to go out and hit up your favorite bars and lounges because drinks are priced at the lowest they will be all night, which is never something you should pass up.


Although few places choose to host happy hour on Friday and Saturday nights, the unique and wonderful thing about happy hour is that it’s usually on a weeknight right after work, when you probably need the most cheering up. In addition to that, you may end up going to happy hour with some coworkers which can help build and strengthen any professional relationships, without having to awkwardly set up an out of office meeting for drinks… making it even clearer why happy hour is essential for your social life!


Nightlife destinations today often attract a wide range of populations depending on the time of day and day of the week. There have been times when I’ve walked into a lounge expecting to meet a version of Christian Grey but have been presented with the local college fraternity president eager to use his newly-purchased fake ID. In other words, you can never predict what the crowd is going to be like when going out – EXCEPT when you go to happy hour. Happy hour almost always guarantees the crowd will be filled with after work drinkers eager to relax and talk about the latest sports game or discounts at that new designer outlet. This tranquil drinking atmosphere perfectly exemplifies why happy hour is essential for your social life, because who wants to be around a bunch of oversexed college students or crabby veterans at a bar anyway?


People take advantage of after work nightlife for many different reasons, one of them being the networking prospects. This may seem like an obvious benefit of happy hour, but you would be surprised how many people let numerous opportunities pass them by when they don’t go to happy hour. Another reason why happy hour is essential is its amazing versatility! During this specially allotted time for discounted drinks and chill out time after work, you can end up finding a date for Saturday night and an interview for Monday morning.


This may be a lesser known advantage to going to happy hour, but believe it or not, the best music of the night is always played during happy hour. And this is definitely an important aspect of going out, because if the music is awful it can change the whole mood and scene of your experience. Usually during happy hour the owners are around checking on the staff and making sure everything is going smoothly, and in addition, DJ-ing or introducing local but talented bands! Yet another reason why happy hour is essential is the opportunity to listen to awesome bands sound check and play their new songs, which definitely adds to a fun-filled relaxing evening if you’re a music lover and social butterfly, like me.

Pondering over why happy hour is essential for your social life could prevent you from going out and experiencing all the benefits a fulfilling nightlife experience has to offer. So why not go out and try something new or go to more happy hour get-togethers; you’ve got nothing to lose! Have you ever had a fun experience with friends at happy hour? Can you think of any other advantages or disadvantages to hitting up the bar after work? Feel free to share!

It’s time for a party! Come and join us for our Happy Hour at 26 Sushi & Tapas. Treat yourself to a delicious sushi cocktail bar and experience the perfect blend of sushi, tapas, and happiness. Did you know we also cater? Follow us on Instagram @26sushi_tapas for discounts, and order online or make reservations at 305-570-2626.

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